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Protection from harm

Child sexual exploitation
Tell Someone
Sexual exploitation can happen to any child, anywhere
CNOSENT Don't mix it up from West Mercia Police
CNOSENT Don't mix it up from West Mercia Police
Rape is a serious crime with serious consequences. Statistics show rape and sexual offences are hugely under-reported. We want to change this.
How are you today?
How are you today?
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Anyone can be vulnerable to abuse at some time in their lives.

If you've been affected by crime or by abuse you might feel scared and helpless. It's important to know there are places you can go for help and there are things you can do to protect yourself. You are not alone.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

The Worcestershire Domestic and Sexual Abuse website offers help and guidance for women, children and men who are or have experienced domestic or sexual abuse. It also provides information for people who know someone who may be being abused. For more information visit the Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse website at Worcestershire County Council.

Here is some information and guidance on how to get help for you or someone else.