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New Salsa

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New Salsa's Unique Positive Instruction & Structure can help with overcoming

many conditions including : depression , panic attacks , dementia etc.

New Salsa is the perfect way to meet new people, exercise while having fun & learn to dance

International Salsa Dance Instructor John-James is spicing up the evenings with his exciting New Salsa-Salsa dance classes and, he says, the classes are a great way to start working on that must-have beach body.

 "Anyone who's ever tried salsa will tell you it's a really fun way to get fit," said John-James. "It's a terrific workout and also a chance to meet new people while learning to dance - without the need to take along a partner."

When it comes to dancing credentials, Worcestershire lad John-James has plenty. Not only has he taught salsa around the world, he's also regularly asked to perform in Cuba and - while he's there - help the local professionals brush up their dancing skills.

New Salsa Salsa specialise in many salsa styles including Cuban, X-Body, L.A, Columbian & Puerto Rican to enable you to dance salsa anywhere around the world. We restrict the class sizes to ensure a quality, fun, excellent learning experience.

New Salsa's Unique Positive Learning Style & Structure can help with

overcoming many conditions including : depression, panic attacks , demantia etc.

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