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Worcestershire County Council

Organisation type: Local Authority

Worcestershire County Council provides services for people with disabilities. These include Connect Services which support people with physical or learning disabilities to access their local communities, and Resource Centres which provide support to individuals with profound and multiple disabilities. 


Connect short term Services are currently based in Redditch, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Worcester/Droitwich, and Evesham/Pershore/Malvern. 

 Connect  provides short term support for up to 12 weeks to adults with a disability, with an emphasis on early intervention and prevention, social integration and community independence. This service is free at the  point of delivery, outcome focused and  tailored to an individual’s specific needs.

 We support people to access opportunities to obtain employment, volunteering, education, social and leisure pursuits, which would be meaningful to an individual's specific needs. Staff can support individuals to  recognise and develop thier skills, supporting them to maximise independence and their own potential.

 We also provide a Drop-In Service / Sign Posting Service that facilitates social interaction and sign posts individuals to access facilities within their local community.

   We encourage individuals to be as self-supporting as possible in their daily lives and enable them to have a voice in relation to all aspects of the Service they receive.


Connect Learning Disability Services are currently based in Redditch, Kidderminster and Bromsgrove, with further services being developed in Worcester,Droitwich, Evesham and Malvern later in 2015.

Connect provides an ongoing long term service for people with learning disabilities. This service promotes greater choice, opportunity and independence in the way in which people decide how to spend their day, using their individual personal budget.

Our long term support model will ensure that people with learning disabilities will have the support to use their personal budgets to access universal services i.e. the general support available to everyone within their community. This will include transport, leisure, education, health, housing, community safety, information and advice.

The support we provide is based on social inclusion and empowers people to evolve and develop their skills with a view to being as independent as possible. A measure for the success of this new service will be a person who is able to live with the minimum of support but living a full and meaning life.

The service will ensure the safety and wellbeing of people whilst they are accessing opportunities in the community, using specific safeguarding tools.

 A priority will be for people to be encouraged and supported to be as self-supporting as possible in their daily lives and to have a voice in relation to all aspects of the service they receive.


Resource Centres are currently located in the north of the county in Kidderminster and Bromsgrove.

 Resource Centres will be located in the south of county in the later part of 2015. They will be located in Pershore and Worcester.

We provide day opportunities for individuals with:

 Profound and multiple learning and physical disabilities.

 Multiple disability and visual / sensory impairments

 Support those with behavioural needs that may challenge

 Health care needs and complex needs including continuing health needs

Epilepsy, Autism 

We deliver a person centred service based around the assessed needs of each individual, delivered in a safe and stimulating environment.

 We also offer a bespoke GOLD service (growing old with a learning disability) This is not defined by age, but for those wanting a slower pace within an engaging environment.




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