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  1. Life Coaching

    From: Centre for Resolution

    Life coaching can help when you’ve suffered bereavement and you have lost direction, motivation and determination. Life coaching will help raise your self-esteem, confidence and empower you. We make no assumptions about what you feel, think or want. We...

  2. Executive Coaching

    From: Centre for Resolution

    Executive coaching is a process whereby a coach and a coachee/client work together to help identify strengths, weaknesses and barriers. This then helps you to develop strategies and techniques so you can reach your full potential at work. Executive coaching...

  3. Carer Pathway Advisors

    From: Worcestershire Association of Carers

    Our team of Carer Pathway Advisers deliver advice, information, guidance and support for unpaid adult carers in worcestershire. They are based throughout the county in GP surgeries, hospitals, hospices and work very closely with the NHS, social workers...

  4. Disability Employment Advocacy

    From: Centre for Resolution

    Does your workplace not understand your disability and you need help to express your needs?    Our advocates will work with you to get your voice heard and your views/opinions considered. We can also work alongside your manager/s and colleagues in order...

  5. Carers Helpline

    From: Worcestershire Association of Carers

    Our Carers Helpline is here to help you by giving you information, advice and support to help you in your caring role. Our team of friendly, trained staff are available  Monday – Friday, 9am – 7pm Saturday, 9am – 12pm If you look after someone, here are...

  6. Disability at Work Coaching

    From: Centre for Resolution

    Do you feel dependent, excluded and uncomfortable in the workplace when it comes to your disability or does your employer not know how to best support you? Centre for Resolution's coaches are here to help you. We will support you, provide you with information...

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