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  1. Multi-Sensory Rooms

    From: Worcester Snoezelen

    Worcester Snoezelen has four multi-sensory rooms; Our White Room is our largest multi-sensory rooms. It's great for large groups and is filled with everything you'll need for a shared sensory adventure. Touch buttons for an active response and experiment...

  2. Hydrotherapy Pool

    From: Worcester Snoezelen

    Our new hydrotherapy pool is a very popular space and is enjoyed both by people who like to relax alone and by groups or families. If you enjoy the soothing effects of water then you’ll love the hydrotherapy pool. We provide supported sessions in aqua...

  3. Therapy through horses

    From: Gloverspiece Minifarm Ltd

    Come and spend time with our carefully selected horses Improve you wellbeing and confidence Helps to relieve stress

  4. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder / Trauma Therapy

    From: The Family Psychologist (Worcestershire)

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Many people suffer trauma after an incident where life has been threatened: such as assault, rape, a severe accident (e.g. road traffic) or military action. Trauma can happen to any person who has been through an...

  5. Speech and Language Therapy Assessments

    From: The Family Psychologist (Worcestershire)

    Speech and Language Therapists work with children who have a wide range of difficulties such as: Speaking, listening to and understanding language Attention, memory and concentration Social and interaction skills Developing literacy skills Stammering...

  6. Occupational Therapy Assessment

    From: The Family Psychologist (Worcestershire)

    Our Occupational Therapist (OT) will help you identify whether your child has sensory integration or sensory processing difficulties that maybe effecting their wellbeing and stopping them reaching their physical potential. Sensory integration is the body’s...

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