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  1. Need to move to a residential or nursing home?

    From: Clear Guide Ltd

    Moving into a residential or nursing home? Clear Guide can support you to navigate through the complex process of moving into a home. We can assist with looking at funding streams, provide a full assessment of needs and help negotiate costs. We have knowledge...



    Nationwide Care Services is one of the UK's leading providers of support services for people with diverse and often complex needs. Across our organisation, the person using our services is always at the centre of their provision. Whether it's supporting...

  3. Local Authority Therapeutic Work

    From: The Family Psychologist (Worcestershire)

    Alongside our other community-based services, The Family Psychologist actively works with local authorities and charities to provide psychological assessment and support. This may be in the form of direct clinical work with children and families. For...

  4. Disability Employment Advocacy

    From: Centre for Resolution

    Does your workplace not understand your disability and you need help to express your needs?    Our advocates will work with you to get your voice heard and your views/opinions considered. We can also work alongside your manager/s and colleagues in order...

  5. Companionship Services

    From: Home Instead Senior Care

    We offer companionship and conversation we will happily spend time with you discussing current affairs, historical events and reminising about the past. We can arrange appointments help with travel arrangements and escort you to appointments. We aim to...

  6. Wick Care Farm Day Opportunity

    From: Isobel Meikle T/A Wick Care Farm

    Wick Care Farm is a welcoming, friendly place where adults and children are supported to carry out a wide variety of activities based on the farm. For example: caring for animals growing and harvesting vegetables and other crops cooking and eating together...

  7. Life Coaching

    From: Centre for Resolution

    Life coaching can help when you’ve suffered bereavement and you have lost direction, motivation and determination. Life coaching will help raise your self-esteem, confidence and empower you. We make no assumptions about what you feel, think or want. We...

  8. Therapy through horses

    From: Gloverspiece Minifarm Ltd

    Come and spend time with our carefully selected horses Improve you wellbeing and confidence Helps to relieve stress

  9. County Community Projects

    From: CCP

    CCP exists to improve the lives of children, young people, families and vulnerable adults by preventing homelessness, strengthening families and supporting independence. CCP's Community & Family team provide a range of services to support children, young...

  10. Early Years: Working with Babies and Toddlers

    From: The Family Psychologist (Worcestershire)

    Why are a child's early years so important? The first five years of a child's life are often also the most important. During these years a child's brain develops faster than at any other time, laying down hardwired foundations that will be central to...

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